Speaker at the Friends of the Barossa Library Annual General Meeting held at the Barossa Council Chambers 15th August, 2013 was Andrew Piper, Manager Online Projects at the State Library of South Australia.  The topic was “South Australians of World War 1:  Their Stories”.  The aim of the projects is to provide a fuller picture of the involvement of South Australians in World War 1.


One of the projects being set up to commemorate the Centenary of Gallipoli and including World War 1 concerns some 8000 packets of material handed to the State Library in 1919 from the South Australian Red Cross Information Bureau.  The packets relate to requests from concerned family and friends looking for information about loved ones serving overseas from 1914 – 1919 from whom there had been no recent word.  The information from these packets is to be entered into a database for internet access and ultimately linked to various other databases Australia and World- wide.  In keeping with the volunteer concept of the Red Cross, the State Library will be looking for volunteers, both city and regionally based, available later this year and next year to input the data.


Another project is utilising the “Flickr” website where the general public can upload their stories and images concerning those serving overseas or supporting the war from the home front.


If you would like to know more about the progress of these projects, go to the Sate Library website.



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