President Jill Stevens and Bill Biscoe attended the recent forum of the Friends of the Libraries Association at Partridge House, Glenelg, hosted by the Holdfast Bay Friends.  A most interesting day which reinforced how much work the Friends do to support their libraries.  The forum was addressed by long-time President and library advocate Dr. Alan Bundy, AM, who is always inspirational in his enthusiasm for the importance of libraries in the cultural life of Australia. 

The feature address of the day was a talk by the past Mount Gambier Library Manager who used a slide show to illustrate the development of the library there, in  a new, stunning $6m. building.  Most libraries are community centres; Mount Gambier has built a library which is state of the art designed to fulfil almost any community need.  The architect also showed how the design enables users of all levels to quickly access their desired area.  A great example of what can be done by a clear vision for the future.  (I might add that all of the delegates from other libraries were green with envy at just how Mount Gambier has ticked every box in our wishlists!  Alan Bundy, who has looked at libraries all over the world, said that he considered it possible the best designed library in the world).

By the way, one of the photos that popped up during the slide show was of the new head librarian at Mount Gambier, Vicki Hutchinson, who moved there from the Barossa a couple of years ago.  She must have known the new library was going to be built!

If you would like to look at what is happening with the Friends Association go to their website:



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